Price: $150.00 – $215.00

(Prescription Insert Only)

E.A.R. offers the lightest and most complete sports optical system in existence. The patented intraSPX™ optical insert can be easily interchanged between the polycarbonate lenses of the NYX Sport Vision System.

NOTE: The intraSPX™ system is not available for all prescriptions. If you have a strong prescription, please call us at 800-878-5960 to see if your prescription is compatible with the intraSPX™ system.

Our Custom Order Process

When buying a custom-fit product, you will need to follow four simple steps.


You have two choices… you can either print the order form or complete the online order form for your custom E.A.R. product. The online form is located below the product description under the ORDER FORM tab. you an also click here to go to our order directory to print your order form.


Many of our products are made just for you which is why they are called custom.  For this to happen, we need impressions (molds) of your ears (left and right)!

Take the printed form or completed online order form to a Authorized E.A.R Provider or your preferred local Audiologist or Hearing Healthcare professional to get custom impressions (molding) of your right and left ear.

For more information read our “Where To Get Your Custom Ear Impression” section located below this information. 


Make sure that you send us the impressions and order form. Our authorized provider will send us the impressions and order form after payment. If you went to a local Audiologist or Hearing Healthcare professional, you will need to send us the impressions and order form.

You can also fax us your order form – 303.447.2637… Just remember, we will still need you to send us the custom ear impression before we can start working on order.


You can send us your payment with your impressions and order form, you pay with Personal Check or Money Order. For faster deliver, you can call us to pay for your your product. We take American Express, Visa, Master Card and Paypal. Call us toll free at 800.525-2690

*NOTICE: Your payment has to clear our payment process BEFORE we are able to ship you your product**   

Instructions:  Complete the online Custom Order Form.  Upon receipt of your order form, if you indicate you need authorized provider information, E.A.R. customer service will provide this information back to you in an email.  Feel free to contact out the office to obtain the same information.

eMail: [email protected] | Phone: 800.525.2690

E.A.R. offers the lightest and most complete sports optical system in existence. The patented intraSPX™ optical insert can be easily interchanged between the polycarbonate lenses of the NYX Sport Vision System.

The intraSPX™ optical insert effectively gives the sports enthusiast which need vision correction lenses the ability to adapt instantly against changing sunlight conditions.

Low Profile – intraSPX™ utilizes a patented “lens suspension” prescription mounting system that keeps your sunglasses close to your face. The system enables the frame to retain its fit, comfort, and styling.

Light Weight – intraSPX™ system’s patented design features rimless prescription lenses which eliminate the “second frame” common with other systems. This unique design combined with our exclusive ORAD™ lens grinding process guarantees you the thinnest, lightest sport optical insert system in existence.

Versatile – intraSPX™ prescription insert can be interchanged between most of the NYX frame and shield lens combination.

Lens Options:  Single – Bifocal (Lined) – Progressive

Lens Material:  Polycarbonate is the most impact resistant of any lens material and is strongly recommended for use in active sports. Scratch resistant coating is included.



30 Day Non-Adapt – E.A.R. allows you 30 days to test drive the intraSPX™ insert. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just send the insert back and you will receive a refund for the cost of the inserts.

60 Day Rx Change – If your doctor changes your prescription within 60 days of your purchase, simply send the intraSPX™ insert back to us with your new prescription and we will remake new inserts at no charge.

1 Year Mounting – If the lenses on your inserts loosen or detach, we will remount the lenses at no charge for up to one year from the date of purchase.  After one year we will remount the lenses for $15.00.

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    To place your order for high-impact polycarbonate prescription inserts, please complete the form as you want the information to appear on the form when printed. You will need the results from your most recent eye exam which should be within the last 12 months. * Required Field
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